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 +**[[http://​t2laser.org|T2Laser Website]]**
 +T2Laser supports all versions of Grbl, Smoothie, Marlin and other firmware. It is supplied as a complete ready-to-run program (no other software is needed).
 +Advanced features such as dynamic laser power, homing, velocity mode, rotary axis, 3-axis CNC, multi-pass with Z-height adjustment, axis calibration and wood grain compensation are included.
 +More information can be found [[https://​www.dropbox.com/​s/​ufcobnot8653na4/​T2Laser_Intro5.pdf?​dl=0|here]]
 +T2Laser Key Features:
 +• Intelligent Algorithm
 +        » Produces optimized G-code for photos, clip art or line drawings
 +• True Greyscale Images
 +        » Supports PWM and TTL modes
 +        » Skip “white” space at rapid feed rate to reduce engraving time
 +• Velocity Mode
 +        » Advanced power control for non-TTL lasers, excellent grey scale results
 +• Advanced Laser Control
 +        » Supports Dynamic Laser Power to prevent over burning due to acceleration
 +        » Real-time laser and feed rate overrides (adjust setting on-the-fly)
 +• Raster-to-Vector Conversion
 +        » Supports manual (selective),​ automatic and centerline (64-bit only)
 +        » Hatch Fill options (horizontal,​ vertical, diagonal and cross hatch)
 +• Combine Raster and Vector
 +        » Contour cut-out after engraving or enhance edges, in a single file
 +• 3-Axis CNC, Laser with Z-axis and Rotary axis
 +        » Full 3D image carving (depth based on greyscale or vector color)
 +• Advanced Cutting
 +        » Multi-pass with optional cool down
 +        » Automatically compensate for wood grain (adjust power or feed rate by angle)
 +        » Translate DXF colors to laser power or feed rate
 +• DXF Optimizer
 +        » Path optimization reduces time and improves efficiency
 +        » Resize, rotate and flip vector files
 +        » Use DXF colors to determine cutting sequence ​
 +        ​
 +For software or license questions please contact [[sales@t2laser.org | sales@t2laser.org]] or check our [[http://​t2laser.org|webpage]] for more information and answers to FAQ's.
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