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 +EleksMana Can support EleksMill丨 EleksLaser丨EleksDraw丨EleksEgg
 +1. "​Servo"​ is port for servo motor, "​Laser"​ is port for 3 pin laser, ​
 +   "​Motor"​ is port of 12V, can be connected with 2 pin laser or others.
 +2. Please do not connect the power supply above 12V, outside is negative and inside is positive, ​
 +   it is recommended to use 5A or higher power supply!
 +3. Please connect usb cable firstly, then open software, ​
 +   ​connected successfully then turn on power switch.
 +4. If you feel the motor torque is small, please adjust the potentiometer on the motor driver, ​
 +   ​don'​t make it too high, otherwie the motor will be hot!
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