Assembly & Connection


Operating Instructions

DownLoad EleksCAM v3.1

1.Connect the usb cable and power supply first. eleksmakeross.oss-ap-southeast-1.aliyuncs.com_wiki_eleksegg_e8_bf_9e_e6_8e_a5.jpg

2.Open the EleksCAM Software.

3.Click the button on the right-top of EleksCAM and then click install driver.(only need install once)

4.Close EleksCAM.

5.Open Device Manager to find the serial port number.

6.Open Elekscam and then choose the right serial port number.

7.EleksCAM will show connect success (Find Serial Ports Successful COMx).

8.Click Select Machine and then choose EleksEgg , and messagebox will showed “Switch To EleksEgg Mode Successful” if operation Successful.

9.Turn on the controller board power switch.

10.Trim servo arm. eleksmakeross.oss-ap-southeast-1.aliyuncs.com_wiki_eleksegg_e4_bf_ae_e5_89_aa_e8_88_b5_e6_9c_ba_e8_87_82.jpg

  1. Set Servo angle 20 degree, click [Laser ON]/[Laser Off] to watch the moving range, assemble arm as shown.
  2. Clip the egg and put down pen holder, Click [Laser ON]/[Laser Off] and tune position of pen as shown.

13.Set step movement to 10mm , manually click arrow to move machine to central point , and then click Set Home.

14.Click Gallery to choose the picture , double click the target picture , modify the Acreage/Speed/Mode (Suggest to choose Outline) , and then click generate. (if there is an error , please ignore)

15.Click Start to drawing.

Draw complete

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